Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Classic Braids

Every so often, like when I start an iPhoto organization project and become highly distracted and engrossed in viewing and not organizing, I come across an old photo that sparks a good memory...and in this case it was a little hairstyle technique called the braid.  Now, my hair is not thick, shiny, or anything Breck girl like, so my braids are tiny, but I still love this easy do.  I recently worked with a woman who rocked the side braid pulled back into a bobby pin.  It's just so simple, classic, and EASY.  

the reminder photo

ok, i am officially nuts.  snapped this photo this morning on a little family adventure to the Museum of Contemporary Art.  yes, i could've just asked her, but no, i found it more fun to sneak in a shot.  caraazytown.  but i couldn't stop obsessing over her braid + messy side bun.  perfection!

a cute simple front twist
check out her other videos on you tube for adorable "little girl" styles

famous braids...for inspiration


Such a fun, fresh look for Spring/Summer!
Do you braid?



Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I've always wanted to be able to create the perfectly messy bun, mine just look messy :(

Dawn said...

You are a this post and thanks for the hair inspiration. I love how u took the photo without her knowing...too funny. Dawn xo

Betty Ray said...

I'd love to be able to create one of these styles but I stink at doing my own hair. And my daughter's hair is too thin to play with just yet. But some day, she'll be rocking braids, buns, whatever. :)

Haute Dog said...


fashion wanna-be said...

OMG - we are so on the same wavelength! Since the bangs are growing out and I haven't had time to hit the salon - I rocked the braid this weekend in Vegas! Joe was like, "love the hair!". He NEVER comments on my hair. LOVE! xo

Bestie said...

that's why were are besties! xoxo

Torrie said...

You are seriously so funny. I'd totally do the same thing (sneak in a quick shot... after obsessing. livin' on the edge, aren't we?)!

I do braid, but want to get more adventurous with my braiding. First practicing on Hailey. Soon!

Congrats on completing day 3!!

Bestie said...

my daughter and i are both rockin the side braids today...although she issporting two! her hair (and mine for that matter) is so fine that i have to wrap the tiniest hairband around the end about 80 times.