Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em

My husband has been home from work for ten days as he is in between contracts.  Translation:  It's like having another wife in the house!  I can get to the gym, do errands, and even get in a little much needed and highly overdue mani / pedi (remember what I told you about my poor feet?) without the guilt!  So, to celebrate, I chose to not to go with my usual snoozefest nail color, which is no color, and brighten things up a bit in the form of TOO HOT PINK TO HOLD 'EM.  It was between Do you think I'm tex-y and Guy Meets Galvestein.  All of which are part of the OPI Texas line and all of which I will try at some point this summer because I loved them all.

Sadly, my party ends tomorrow as the husband resumes his position and I resume my house managerial position as single wife.  Booo.


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I love that line. They nailed it (hehehe) with Texas summer colors.

Torrie said...

Isn't that the life... another wife?? (hey, that rhymed)

At least you got to get caught up of a few things. Are you still shredding?? I've been totally off track ever since our spring break ended. I'm really trying to get it together though. SOON.

uhooi said...

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