Monday, April 11, 2011

Go Fly a Kite!

What a wonderful summer day we April!  Yesterday, it was 80, sunny and gorgeous.  Could've even fooled me for a spring break vacation day, minus the airport and travel hassle.  We spent the weekend by Lake Michigan and although Sunday was our only really warm day, it seemed to last forever. Which is good because it could be another forever until we see 80 (next weekend forecast:  high 46. low 37).  I do refuse to wear boots again and will be open to my open-toed shoes.

And along with a summer day comes new adventures for my little ones.  My 4 yr old made two major accomplishments over the weekend:  1.  Learned how to ride a bike.  2.  Flew a kite.  If I could bottle up his smile and keep it with me forever, I would.

It's these simple pleasures that make me want to sit back and drink a glass of lemonade (country time commercial style....ok, with maybe a hint of vodka, didn't want to get all sappy on you).

Excuse the grainy photos, these were all taken with my phone.  Sometimes, I leave the camera at home because I just want to concentrate on enjoying the moment, and then I freak at perfect photo ops; hence the phone.

first beach fire of the season to watch the sunset:  s'mores, red wine and happy kids

until our next warm day.....


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

What a perfect weekend! My four year old never rides his bike. It just sits there. At this rare he's never going to kearn :(

About Last Weekend said...

Love kite flying, it makes me so happy! I always forget to take my kids to do this and you have just reminded me. Thank you!

Torrie said...

Loved seeing your twitter pic!
We're a camping kinda family, so this is one our favorite things to do in the warmer months.

...Can't wait.

Diana Mieczan said...

Awww..that sounds and looks like a perfect weekend:) I love kite flying:) Kisses and hugs