Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So, I am pretty sure that my self-diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder is giving me blogger's block.  The weather here has been absolutely relentless.  Cold, rainy, sleety, cold, rainy, sleety.  I wear my wellies more than my sunglasses .  I also happened to catch a glimpse of my morning face in the hallway mirror and I am pretty positive that I could travel around the world with that baggage.  So I casually mentioned to my husband, while staring into my medicine cabinet, that I may just be building a little botox fund.  To which he responded, "Who are you kidding.  With all your chemical paranoia, you are going to inject some strange dead cells into your cute little face?"  Darn it.  He's right.  I just threw away my nasal saline yesterday after realizing it contains .0000065% of some crazy preservative.

But, in the attempt to keep things positive, I want to share with you a few products I am excited to try.

Here is my new fountain of youth (I'll let you know how it works, give me two weeks, fingers crossed because if it doesn't work I am going to rip out my car mirrors).

This next one is genious (if it works).  
How many times have you been at a party or dinner and you turn to your friend and ask, "Do I have dead teeth?"  I have asked this question at least five times this month. Not everyone asks this?  Hmm, perhaps you refer to red wine stained teeth as something else?
                                                      Wine Wipes

I hope the weather for my readers (all 33 of you) is sunny and bright!

Happy Tuesday, Besties.


Ana Degenaar said...

I understand exactly how you feel. The weather here is terrible and it should have stopped raining 3 months ago! I can't stand it. I've been making indoor summer parties with my little one and drinking lemonade. That has helped a bit.
Wishing you a happy day,

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I am in such a funk lately. I am hoping this weekend in SF will draw me out of it and put me back on track. And that the added rest will minimize my bags!!

Torrie said...

I felt the same way... which is why this weekend I finally took the time to get the self tanner on, and resume the full face regime (can still only manage to get it once per day though)... and resume the Shred. I got a new eye serum (my first one), new face cream, and I just need to start using everything 2 times a day!!

My other issue is my teeth. Too much wine and coffee!! (let me know how you like those wipes!) Do you have a recommendation for teeth whitening? I want to go through my dentist, but also need a 'quick fix.'

Dawn said...

Getting old sucks and we all have our down days. I call them the fats and uglies because I feel like that. I have SAD in the summer months. As soon as it gets warm I get down about surviving another summer in NJ with the humidity. seriously, I love rain, snow, cold, hail, wind, sleet and thunder but not lightning. I know it's crazy. Can you please tell me how to refer to another post within your blog post. I have been trying to figure this out. Thanks so much...Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

About Last Weekend said...

Definitely signing up for the dark spray tan option, rain in NZ and rain here. Bronzers coming out.

Bestie said...

Danielle, your weekend in SF sounds like a great cure!!!

Torrie, I'm totally down with the self tanner (got the jergens in my cabinet :) And I swear by whitestrips for a good clean up!! Do tell about your new serum and face cream??? I'm always in search of the miracle product. Which reminds me that I need to review SKII this week.

Dawn- I don't know if there is an easier way to do this (most likely there is) but I just open up my blog in another tab, click the post I want to reference, copy the link and add a link to the current post. Does that make sense?? Email if you want and I can be clearer with directions. Trust me, it's easy, and I am technically challenged!!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by today! xo
(ok, extra love to you all, I've just returned from a girls/moms night out :)

Torrie said...

thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh, when you have a chance- check your twitter direct messages! Left one for you in response to your previous post!

I'll be back to respond later about the lotion (gotta volunteer in H's class in like 10 minutes and I'm still in my pajamas)! (keeping this post "unread" for a reminder :)

Torrie said...

Okay, back!

So, I was at Target and ended up talking with the consultant for Boots (which I had never tried). Long story short, I liked what she had to offer in terms of this line, and I am simply at a point where I need good products, but can't spend a fortune. After a long discussion, here's what I ended up purchasing (supposedly a highly reputable company... but too new to tell yet for me personally!). The products are not "pure" (chemical free), but I like the prices, the options, and the reviews. And it's so nice to streamline a bit and not have to purchase 10,000 different brands.

- Time Resisting Day Cream SPF12

(still finishing up on my night cream before switching to this brand)

- Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum

(first time using a serum or an eye cream- below)

- Skin brightening toner

- Protect & Perfect Eye Cream

(I use a filler too- Mac- but will switch to theirs when I run out... She raved about it)

And I'm doing a post on my new favorite self tanner soon (clinique)! My kids told me that my prior one smelled like a diaper. So Stephanie (Scrumptious) referred me to this one and I LOVE it.

Torrie said...


I realize that the consultant was trying to *sell her products, but she did a good job of it (and I love that Target even has a consultant!)... We'll see if it passes the test!

But for now, it just feels good to have a regime goin' (other than the basic moisturizer.

Bestie said...

Torrie, I was just going to respond that i've never seen any type of beauty consultant at my target, but then I saw your subsequent email. I will definitely be on the look out for a person in a white coat.

And I have loved the BOOTS products since I went to the BOOTS in Scotland year ago. It was like Sephora on steroids. AMAZING!

And I've tried some of the body lotions from the US Boots line but none of the facial products. Please let me know how you like them!!! For now, I am going to try the Origins Plantscription (for $55) and keep it to this and the SKII. I tend to overfill on products so I am not allowing myself to buy more until I finish what I have :)

BUT, I will look for this so called consultant next time I am sweating my way through Target with the huge double cart!

Bestie said...

pss I do swear by Whitestrips and think that they are probably just as good as professional whitening! My sister swears by them too and called me the other day to ask if I thought it was safe for her to use them (she is 4 mos pregnant). And we decided that she would just do them once, and I swear that's all you need for a little brightening.

Torrie said...

Okay, cool. I'm definitely buying today... excited to try!

And yes... lady in the white coat!!