Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sweet little three!

Today, my baby girl bestie turns three!  We did a lot of celebrating over the weekend with trips that included lunch at the American Girl cafe, a lot of perusing and purchasing at Candyality (click only if you dare), and a little good ole fashion family party at home.  Fancy party dress wearing and sweets eating were also a big part of our celebration (note to self:  get back on the Jillian shred crew a.s.a.p).  
We were pearl wearing fancy nancy's and loved every minute of it.
To experience this world through the eyes (and stomach) of a sweet little girl is a true gift.  
I have more photos to share later this week.  But, for now, I must take an SKII bath, anti-age my face, and go to sleep on my back (another anti-wrinkly tip) and all with my WINDOWS OPEN!!!  
It's 70 degrees in the Windy City.
 See you all this week!


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Sounds like a perfect celebration!

Ticia said...

It does sound perfect! Nothing better than experiencing life through those three year old princess eyes! xoxo

Torrie said...

Happy, happy birthday to her!! What a fun day! I know what you mean about birthdays being wonderful, but getting you a little off track (first-hand ;). Today, I intend to get back on track! And I'm so happy you joined our group!

The Suburb Experiment said...

My oldest turns three in two days! I already took her out to Ben & Jerry's. :) It's so much fun to celebrate with kids, they're so appreciative and excited about it.


Holly said...

Happy belated birthday to La!! I thought about her a couple weeks ago but missed this post. When you move down the street from me we can have joint parties together. XOXO