Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Canada bound

Linking up with Emily this week and participating in Listography 2011.
This weeks list:  Places I'd like to visit.

There are so many places that I'd love to visit that it is hard to narrow down, so I thought I'd focus on one country, Canada.  The funny thing is that Canada is a hop, skip and a jump away and I've never been.   Never.  I've been on an overwhelmingly long, leg cramping flight to Japan (twice) but I've never driven, flown, or even trained it to Cananda.  WAIT, I take that back.  Does Niagra Falls count?  Why, yes, yes it does.  Still, I'd love to visit Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto.  All great cities that people adore.  And someday, one day, I will get there.

Oh, Did I mention my new fear of flying?  Amtrak anyone?  Sleeper car maybe?
Okay, maybe just a few xani snacks and I could stomach the flight?



Notorious MLE said...

I've heard that Vancouver is beautiful and a great foodie city. Excellent choice.

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I'm dying to see Vancouver too.

Torrie said...

Yes- I love Canada and want to go back! We flew to Seattle, then rented a car and drove to catch the ferry to Victoria... and got to stay in the Empress- beautiful!!! I never thought I'd say, "I went for tea @ the Empress with my husband"... Yet, those were the days that I worked (aka- 2 incomes:).