Friday, January 21, 2011

Style Icon Redux

In the Adirondacks, Age 20

My grandmother got her ears pierced as a baby.  Being the daughter of first generation Italian immigrants, this was like getting baptised...essential.  Growing up in the Bronx, she had a pretty urban upbringing and went to Hunter College in New York City.  She spent a summer as a nanny in the Adirondacks, which was where the first photo was taken, she was 20.  I adore her outfit in this photo.  She told me that her mother would make a lot of her clothes; my grandmother would describe the current style and she would mimic.  

In taffeta dress my great grandmother made,
age 23 here
At five feet tall, she has always been a force to reckon with.  She speaks her mind which is always a stylish attribute!

I have always been obsessed withe her jewelry.  For my college graduation, she gave me the first pair of diamond earrings that my Grandfather purchased for her.  They will always be treasured.

Fast forward many years, and my soon to be 94 year old Grandmother plays Wii, reads everything, and still worries about what she is going to wear.  This past Thanksgiving, she walked into my mother's house wearing a very modern mustard three-quarter length sleeved sweater over a long black tee shirt.  My husband turned to me and asked, "Is that your sweater?"  You see, I have a very similar mustard three-quarted wide sleeved sweatshirt sweater that I also wear over a black long-sleeved tee.  Weather 19 or 94, she is always in style and will forever be my style icon, my everything icon.


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Love this post :) very sweet

Love, Vanilla

Dawn said...

Beautiful post...great read. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes

Torrie said...

Oh my gosh. This is so cute, and touching. It just shows that you can really be "forever young." My grandmother is 84 and has the same amount of tenacity and vibe. My role model:).

Bestie said...

Thanks! My mom just sent me more photos of my grandmother...can't wait to post later.

I feel so luck to have had a chance to know my grandmother and spend so much time with her.

xo everyone!

Anonymous said...

Love the shots of Gma Mac!