Friday, January 07, 2011

J Crew Factory Sale

Ok, still in bed here but my fingers are working and wanted to fill you in on this weekend's J Crew Factory Sale because I was just at an outlet last week and saw a lot of the merchandise in person. The Factory Sale starts every Friday and goes through Sunday midnight. Something I didn't know about factory/outlet merch. is that it is not last year's line, but goodies specifically made for the Factory stores. So, all NEW, all on SALE, all J. CREW.

I spent the best hour of 2011 so far(sorry kids, husband, friends) on January 1st at the J. Crew outlet store. I had the entire store to myself, yeah for new year's eve parties and yeah for me for getting to bed early - and did I find some great stuff. I already mentioned the fab pixie pants I scored for $16.99 so let me tell you about some of my other "smarter" spending purchases and goodies that I see are on sale this weekend.

Love the outfit on the right, but i am drowning in navy/white striped shirts and denim jackets
The adorable skirt is on sale this weekend

and the above dress is so much cuter sans that crazy scarf and belt AND in charcoal, see below

this photo doesn't do this shirt justice. it's fab in person and looks great with the pixie pants
it is on the longer end and can be belted, you would never know it from photo
result: in my closet

this belt actually looked great with the above shirt. result: in my closet

this shirt in navy: love
result: in my closet

my husband wasn't too happy to see above shirt after seeing HIS shirt below

love, love, love this sweater
result: NOT in my closet, only comes in x-small, so all you minis, go get one, it's perfect

My wonderful hour wasn't all about me, I did buy some things for the hubby too.
Well, you already saw one of the shirts above

Happy shopping!

Meanwhile, this weekend I will be rotating every dress, jean, pant, shirt this is usually just a little too small for me and that I usually can't wear because, I had the stomach flu baby, and i am going to rock those too small clothes since I am seven lbs lighter, for this weekend anyway. ;) and too bad it will be when i am disinfecting the house and resting up for next week, but hey, i'll rotate through them all anyway


Vanilla said...

I love the sweater! shame it's only in tiny sizes.

Love, Vanilla

Torrie said...

I'm glad to hear that you finally feel better!

Bestie said...

Thanks Torrie! Did I tell you that the Cranberry Orange Infused Vodka work out great?!! Thanks again for the recipe...totally making a bigger batch next year.

Happy Weekend!

Dawn said...

I love J. Crew...I will check it out...thanks for the post. Feel better!!! Have a great weekend...stop by and see my curbside picks...Dawn Suitcase Vignettes.

Lindsey said...

Love this! Such a cute post :)

Thanks for checking out my blog too!