Thursday, January 06, 2011

Random thoughts

Friends, I've been hit with the stomach virus and just starting to come out of it (and by that I mean that I can actually get out of bed and get my own Gatorade chips). AND I can now spend a little time researching Torie and Dean, which I spent several hours on this morning after catching 15 minutes of their reality show. I never knew the whole story there, but how crazy was that situation? Dean leaves his wife and kids (including a newborn adopted baby) for Torie after knowing her three weeks. Anyway, I guess I was pregnant and having a baby when all that went down.

I am also beginning to realize that my husband can be a really good nurse when he has to be. He has learned what the BRAT diet entails and no longer brings me triscuits when I am sick (he used to do this when I would ask for crackers when sick).

Okay, back to my saltines. I am pretty sure that I would've rather had a third child than experience that 24hrs of nausea.

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no kisses today...keeping my germs to myself


Vanilla said...

I hope you are all better soon :)

Love, Vanilla

Dawn said...

Oh my, hope you have a speedy recovery, I see you have 12 now...yay! keep going and have a great weekend!!!

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

feel better soon!!

Torrie said...

I had no idea he left a wife and kids behind. I try not to judge, but it's hard not to when I hear something like that.